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Furniture collection Op-art

Furniture collection Op-art

Interior Designer Yuriy Zimenko found the idea to create the design of Op-art collection in the art itself, which is artistic movement of the second half of the 20th century characterized by the implementation of various optical illusions. The author was inspired by various geometric abstractions, based on the features of the perception of flat and spatial figures, whose texture is the main means of expression.

The design of the collection is the result of unlimited expansion of applied art. Meanwhile the collection items manage to combine a reasonable and constructively logical form with emotional expressionism.

The gradual change in the shape of the milling results in the planes becoming mobile and "alive". This creates the effect of kinetically deep surfaces.

This furniture acquires a certain aesthetic value complemented by appealing usability as the product design corresponds to its direct functional purpose.

Apart from the form this makes the color enter the picture. Underneath the natural plywood a matte black base is hidden creating a deep visual impression by contrasting two layers.

Thanks to its bold design this furniture fits seamlessly into any space, and creates an atmosphere of coziness.

Using the natural plywood birch the furniture looks noble and natural, whereas massive metallic elements complement the attitude. The furniture configuration utilizes a complex structural interface component of the parts at an angle of 45˚, as well as sharp edges of the shelves at an angle of 45˚. In the manufacture of items we use only certified materials and components.

Fittings and Accessories Blum, Hafele

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