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Ukrainian design studios in Paris

Ukrainian design studios in Paris

Ukrainian Design Brands at the January Exhibition “Maison & Objet” 2019 (Paris)

Five outstanding Ukrainian manufacturers and bureaus, selected on a competitive basis, will display their new collections of furniture, interior decoration and lighting devices created by famous Ukrainian designers.

The project is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is funded under the EU4Business initiative of the European Union.

“QUALITA” company offers items from a new collection of furniture in the style of “ecological” pop art, executed in accordance with the plan of the Ukrainian interior designer Yuriy Zimenko – head of  Design Studio Yuriy Zimenko. A special feature of the collection is a game with optical illusions that is masterfully implemented with the help of perforation.


Next Level Lighting (Designer - Artem Koliuka)

Light Company Next Level Lighting, located in the western part of Ukraine, and continues the tradition of high-quality wood processing for the production of unique light fixtures. For four years now the studio founded by Artem Koliuka and Nikolay Savin specializes in premium segment of chandeliers and wooden decors.


Chandelier “Torus”

The chandelier “Torus” is a model from the Interstellar series, which has already proven itself well on the European and American markets. The idea of ​​a chandelier, the elements of which are joined together without a single gouging, was borrowed from the trajectory of energy motion in our Universe. All of the light elements of the chandelier create a visual transition of the lines and light streams to the pattern of light projections, similar to the streams of the electromagnetic field.


Chandelier “DNA”

One of the latest models in the “Interstellar” series is the chandelier “DNA”. Inspired by nature, its processes and structures, the chandelier interprets molecular compounds and the version of the two intertissued models has much in common with the DNA molecule.

The chandelier is a spiral-shaped design construction of wood strips with built-in professional LED lighting. Depending on the number of elements, the length of the construction can be varied, taking into account the needs and parameters of the room. This chandelier looks extraordinary and futuristic as a true art object. Therefore, due to the unusual design and linearity, it deserves the place of the main accented object in the interior. The ease and mobility of the object provides the possibility of both vertical and horizontal placement, even in a complex interstage.

Table VM desk (Designer - Serhiy Gotvyanskiy)

VM desk is a smart casual office desktop designed by Ukrainian designer Serhiy Gotvyanskiy, co-founder of Nott Design Studio. The table, made of solid, durable ash wood, has an elegant and refined look of the “top manager”. Warm tones and leather details make even the tense workflow as comfortable and cozy as possible. An important feature of the table is a bag-organizer of durable and soft Italian leather. Wooden handles, which are decorated bag – not just a designer's finding, but a fully functional element: the main idea of ​​the bag-organizer is that at any moment a bag with all the necessary things that you can simply take with you and go, without fear of forgetting the important items at work. The wooden desk of the table creates a light and plastic silhouette that fits perfectly with any interior. In addition, the VM desk table is easy to pack that helps you to save space and spot and keep transportation costs. You must admit – this is an ideal “business partner”.


Mild chair (Designer - Kateryna Sokolova)

The Mild chair, made of ash wood and durable Italian leather, emphasizes a simple design and combines functionality and ergonomics to meet all the requirements for the most comfortable work space. Mild chair has a Scandinavian character and a French charm. The sculpturesque lines of the wooden frame of the chair are stabilized with a wide soft seat and ergonomic chairback, which ensures optimum comfort. Upholstery of the chair is made of fabric. Mild chair is ideally combined with a VM desk in the office or living interiors.


Shelve stand (Designer - Oleksiy Kharo)

This flexible product for storing personal items has a distinct feature that instantly distinguishes it among others: all shelves are made of different materials – textiles, metal and wood. The second focus of the subject is modularity: for each function, according to your needs (place for flowers, documents, books) there are separate modules. And there’s more: the main surprise of the shelve stand is the ability to modify it according to your own taste. You can add several shelves in height or width, modify the modules or rearrange them from one shelf to another, thus creating your perfect shelf – more decorative or more practical and functional. 


The collection of light fixtures “Nut C” (Designer - Yulia Kononenko)

The collection of light fixtures “Nut C” immediately attracts attention to flexible silhouettes and an unusual combination of materials for a lighting device: wood with leather. And also – scaling an interesting idea in different sizes and shapes. The largest light fixture in the “Nut B” collection can light the whole living room. Wall sconces “Nut W” designed specifically for bedrooms for those owners who are able to appreciate the beauty of elegant simplicity. The mid-size light fixtures “Nut C” and “Nut S” combine perfectly and become relevant, unobtrusive accents in the interior of any purpose. All the light fixtures in the collection balance between Scandinavian minimalism and European love for the imperceptibly luxurious details. High quality wood ash, leather, and aluminum make these lamps such objects that represent contemporary delicate luxury.


The main activities of QUALITA are the manufacture of furniture, doors, windows, stairs, other elements of the interior and exterior. The variability and flexibility of the solutions allows customers to implement complex, non-standard projects within a single company. It also significantly facilitates the process of coordinating and integrating all products into the living space.

The own production of the company allows you to bring to life the most daring ideas, filling the house with unique interior details. In the furniture production only certified materials and components are used, which guarantees the safety and environmental friendliness of the final product. It is especially important for families with little children and in fact for all people who esteem a high standard of living.


Furniture Collection Op-art (Designer - Yuriy Zimenko)

The design of Op-art collection is the result of the never-ending expansion of the field of applied art. At the same time, the objects of the collection are not only meaningful and structurally logical, but also emotionally expressive. Due to the gradual shape change of milling, the flatness become mobile and “alive”. This creates the effect of kinetically deep surfaces. Not only the form but also the color works in the object. Under the natural birch plywood, the black matte base is hidden – a bright contrast that creates a deep visual impression. But bold design does not interfere with these furniture to fit organically into any space, without disharmonizing the atmosphere.

Obviously, it is such furniture that acquires aesthetic value. In this case, the product design corresponds to its direct functional purpose.                                              Thanks to the use of natural birch plywood, furniture has noble naturalness, and massive metal elements add character. A complex element involved in the products configuration – the combination of parts at an angle of 45˚, as well as sharp shelves edges at an angle of 45˚. Only certified materials and components are used in the production of items. Accessories Blum, Hafele.

Yuriy Zimenko is a well-known Ukrainian designer, head of Design Studio Yuriy Zimenko. Engaged in the design of private and public spaces, object design. For the creation of the design of the Op-art collection, Yuriy was inspired with the contemporary art, namely the direction of pop art, the art movement of the second half of the twentieth century, where used various optical illusions. The author was inspired by various geometric abstractions based on the peculiarities of the perception of flat and spatial figures, which texture becomes the main means of expressiveness.

Goloob Design Buro

A Ukrainian company that creates a modern and refined design, opens up new expressive opportunities of traditional materials – faience, porcelain and wood. The brand follows the concept of Slow Design and emphasizes the beauty and importance of everyday things. Goloob Design Buro not only creates objects, but also fills every piece with an emotional sense. This can be felt by touching the lanated surface of a round lamp, taking a mirror into your hands or by clicking a few times with a ceramic switch. Goloob items –  sensory experience of interacting with the world.                       The exhibition presents three objects.


Ceramic light fixture №1 (design by Maria Krasiuk) 

The big light fixture consists of two elements – a stand and a spherical luminaire. Creating such form of faience is a very complicated task from a technological point of view. Especially for the light fixture was created a round faience switch, interaction with which – a certain tactile experience.


Ceramic pedestal №1 (design by Maria Krasiuk)

Manifesto of femininity and love for oneself. Instead of hurrying to look at the reflection on a smartphone screen, a modern woman turns the contemplation of her own beauty into a peculiar ritual. Faience stand of bionic shape resembling coffee beans. The combination of bourgeoisness and minimalism.

Electrical outlet oii (Dorogaya studio design)

An emancipated electrical outlet that seeks to be in the limelight. Previously, electrical outlets were only a functional element of the room. Sometimes they were picked up in the tone of the wallpaper, but for the most part they were shamelessly hidden behind the sofa or in the shade of the servant. It's time to shift emphasis! The electrical outlet oii comes to the fore, combining function and aesthetics. Instead of decorative plates and posters, your home will now be decorated with electrical outlets.

Serhiy Makhno’s Design studio will present in Paris a new exotic collection of furniture and accessories “UKRSAVANA”, which ironically combines minimalism, art, Ukrainian traditions and Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi.



Another chandelier that was inspired by cosmic forms and interstellar spaces. Due to its unusual nature, this object of lighting “whirls” with light any interior and creates an atmosphere of almost magical illumination, because it gives soft omnidirectional light.

Although the function of the chandelier – decorative lighting, “INTERSTELLAR XL” vividly accomplishes contemporary minimalist interiors. The chandelier is made up of individual parts with a built-in professional LED-lighting, it is assembled safely into a single wooden construct of small modules.


Chandelier “Vortex”

The chandelier “Vortex” that rethinks the whirlwind form and funnel of tornado is a novelty of the “Interstellar” series model chain. With its visual lines, the chandelier is in motion from all angles of observation. Delicate and compact, assembled into a single unit of many wooden light modules, the design gives a soft light directed down and up. The chandelier has built-in professional LED lighting.

Artem Koliuka – designer and co-founder of Next Level Lighting (NLL). Being constantly looking for new solutions and fresh ideas in various areas – fashion, graphic design, interior design, he eventually found himself in the design of lighting fixtures. Creation of chandelier company started in 2014. Looking for inspiration in the way things are, space and the world of molecules, Artem Koliuka presents his collection of “Interstellar” series of light fixtures.

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