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Fine plaiting

Fine plaiting

This interior is an entwinement of considerable experience of the designer, excellent taste of the customer, delicately selected antique and modern elements.

It all started with the fact that the customer approached to the studio of Yuriy Zimenko, and knew exactly what she wanted to get and was determined to participate actively in the selection of subject content. Apartments located in the historical part of Kyiv required minor adjustments to the planning solution. And the designer easily adapted the functionality of the apartment for the life scenario of a particular family. 

The total area is 200 sq. m is divided into a living room with two entrances and exits (to the kitchen and to the corridor), a bedroom, a dressing room, a bathroom, a children’s room with a separate bathroom and a guest bathroom.

Location of the house obliged to pay attention to the historical context, and the customer came with a desire to get a modern space inlaid with classical elements. 

“When I saw this apartment, I realized that this is exactly what I dreamed of. In its style, it was very similar to the classic French apartments. We simply had no right to ignore this fact. That's why we relied on French chic in the modern reading”, the owner of the apartment shares her memories.

First of all, the chosen concept manifested itself in the details of the space: classic French molding, white walls, acacia floors laid down with herringbone, marble elements and massive doors with volumetric panels. When the framework was ready, the most interesting part of work began – the selection of antique and modern furnishings, painting and sculpture.

A fireplace, mirrors, lamps, chandeliers, tables and even a bed were found at Parisian flea markets. The author of the project gave a second life to some antique objects: armchairs and chairs, also brought from Paris, were covered with new fabric.

“Many elements of decor were found on French flea markets, but the paintings and sculptures – what makes the interior even more unique, – by Ukrainian artists. A few years ago, I was interested in collecting contemporary art, and today some of my collected works decorate this interior. It all started with Lviv artists Serhiy Gay and Roman Zhuk. And now I can boast of having Pavlo Makov, Oksana Mas’, Maksym Mamsikov, Oleksandr Sukholit, Ihor Husev, Ulyana Yaroshevych, Ihor Bereza and Nazar Bilyk in my home collection”, - says the customer of Yuriy Zimenko.

Painting and sculpture work in contrast to antiques. And they are complemented by modern style details of the furniture, which can also be classified as art objects.

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia a sofa in the living room deserves a special notice, a rug from The Rug or, for example, a brass chest of drawers with cones, as well as a dining table from GLUSTUN Paris inlaid with malachite.

Within the framework of this project, designer Yuriy Zimenko created the atmosphere of a French house, where the destinies of several generations of one family intertwined, each of which brings something characteristic of its time into the interior.

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