Modern style house

It was this project realized in 2008  that became remarkable in the career of interior designer Yuriy Zimenko. His success is relatable to the fact that the customer completely trusted the designer. Why? Perhaps, because the author of the project of the house and the customer had already worked together and understood each other perfectly. And perhaps, because the owner of this mansion dreamed of a modern and unique space, and the designer did not want to work with others and he got to work with passion. But most likely this is the case when everything coincided.

Two-storey house, over the design project of which the designer had to work on, is located in the suburbs of Kyiv. Its total area is 800 square meters. The interior space was traditionally divided into two zones. The public zone was placed on the first floor. There is a living room, a kitchen, a dining room. On the mezzanine storey of the living room, the author of the project arranged an office and a guest bedroom. The entire second floor was allocated to the private zone. There are bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

As it was planned initially, the designer Yuriy Zimenko combined modern forms in a residential interior with noble textures and up to date painting, a circumspect construction of space with maximum comfort of use. Only listening to a professional you get the expected result. This once again convinced the owner of the house near Kyiv and after some time Yuriy Zimenko designed another apartment for him.

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