Nina’s dacha

What attracts country houses is their history. This country house in the suburbs of Kyev, it also has a family one.

The house is surrounded by a pine forest, the Dnieper river and the Kyev reservoir. The atmosphere is such that you don't want to leave here. At different times, several generations of one family lived here, and the house itself has witnessed all the happy moments of its inhabitants. To please not only the picture outside the window, but also the interior itself, the owner of the house turned to the designer Yuriy Zimenko with a request to make a redesign. The project turned out to be a challenge, as it was required to create a cozy space with a rather modest budget.

The planning solution has been preserved: the house has a living-dining room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. What else the designer wanted to keep was the energy of the family hearth. How? With the help of a subject line, a thoughtful combination of textures and, of course, colors. “We decided to use furniture from local brands. Some of the items were made according to our sketches, while others were selected from a permanent assortment. I wanted the furniture and decor to look noble and a little vintage. The lady of the house also liked this approach, ”says designer Yuriy Zimenko. Only natural textures were used: wood for furniture, woolen fabrics for its upholstery, metal for lamp frames and mirror frames, and, finally, ceramics for decorating a fireplace in the living room. But the color scheme was built on the contrast of a neutral white background with bright splashes of textiles and a collection of paintings. The chosen style - a little relaxed and bohemian - is the best fit for country houses, because it adjusts to the same style of pastime.

Every weekend, generations of families still gather around the dining table, by the fireplace, or on the terrace. Having gathered, they share important and not so important events. And the house continues to listen carefully and live its usual life, but with an updated interior.

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