In minimal style

Interior designer Yuriy Zimenko catch up to this project when the house was already built. Since its owners are connoisseurs of art, the work out of interior design was based on creating a worthwhile background for the disposal of their private collection, as well as considering the modern architecture of the building. But we will start from the very beginning. The total area of the house is​​ 600 sq. m and it was planned to erect on the riverside. It was the proximity to the water that mostly influenced the architectural design: the bulk of the building was lifted, so that in case of overflowing it was not flooded. The same technique with the use of visually light constructions the interior designer Yuriy Zimenko employed in the setting of the internal space. Thin lines and silhouettes, subtle combinations of textures and shades – that's what his concept is built on. Since the house is made in the style of minimal, we see marble as a floor covering in the interior, cool colors in the living room, and the kitchen – strict and technological German furniture Poggen Pohl, in the bathroom – Indian marble, in the bedroom – leather headboard of the bed.

The house consists of three floors. The first floor is occupied by a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, an office and a dressing room. On the second floor –  a bedroom, a master’s bathroom and a children's room. The third floor – a living room and a terrace where you can sunbathe and have a great time with friends. All the floors of the house seem to be “sewn together” into an integral whole with the elegant stairs. Since it was up tight, the risers were made of glass to simplify the design visually, which also perfectly fitted into the overall concept of the project for the Kiev design bureau.

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